John Esposito

John is described as “…one of the strongest jazz pianists on the planet, an under recognized giant” by Bruce Lee Gallanter – Downtown Music Gallery

Michael G. Nastos in the All Music Guide describes John Esposito as playing “..lucid, forward thinking, rhythmically propelling ideas…he succeeds on many real and important levels in creating some of the finest new modern jazz you may hear in the post Wynton Marsalis era…A bold conception and execution to be sure….from a brilliant player who deserves wider attention.”

John Szwed in the Village Voice describes John’s playing as having, “the lustrous clarity of a gamelan band using repetition so brilliantly that crystalline forms accrue from it.”

John Esposito is an American pianist/composer/drummer/producer who works on a wide array of creative music projects. His technical skills and the range of his artistic palette extend across the stylistic boundaries of the Stride Piano, Swing, Bebop, Modal and Free Music movements. He has performed and recorded with artists including Nick Brignola, Dave Douglas, Dave Holland, Carter Jefferson, Franklin Kiermyer, Joe Lovano, J.R. Monterose, David “Fathead” Newman, Eric Person, Arthur Rhames, Sam Rivers, Roswell Rudd, Pharaoh Sanders and John Stubblefield.

John is the owner/executive producer of Sunjump Records. He has created music for theater, dance, film, TV commercials, and multimedia performance art. He is a music faculty member and Artist-In-Residence at Bard College and resides in New York State’s Hudson Valley.