Help Our People Inc. is a 501(c)(3) public charitable humanitarian organization dedicated to supporting and lifting up those in need. We are an independent group of civic-minded private citizens committed to providing scholarships for disabled aspiring musicians to prepare them for lives of purpose. We are a school without walls.

The core mission of this not-for-profit organization is to promote the arts by presenting artistic programs to raise funds with which to provide music education, training and related services specifically tailored to disadvantaged youth (including economically disadvantaged or disabled young persons) with an interest in music education and development of skills necessary to become capable of performing with their chosen musical instrument and, in some instances, to continue their formal musical education and training into adulthood as a career.

In addition, we seek to inspire and support select students confronted with homelessness and other forms of significant trauma to continue to pursue higher education with counseling and financial assistance. We are passionately determined to rekindle hope in the hearts and minds of families and individuals in need by reaffirming that they are not alone as they work to stabilize and improve their circumstances. Our ongoing projects support food pantries, community centers, churches, government assistance programs and individual families.

We believe in the power of community and collective action, and welcome the opportunity to explore partnership opportunities with like-minded organizations, groups or individuals who have similar interests.

You can download our 990 form here

Board of Directors

Arti Dixson

Albert Canosa


Mark Soboslai

Esq., Vice President

Sean McNamee

CPA, Treasurer

Alice Magalnick



Chris Begley


Shannon Begley

Graphic Designer

Kelly Warters

Volunteer Coordinator

Advisory Board

Catherine Weiss

Rex Cadwallader

Scott Farrace

Carol Ann McClean